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Fernando Colunga 46580DharmendraFernando Colunga 465Salman Khan 281DharmendraSalman Khan 2Dharmendra 270DharmendraDharmendra 2David Hasselhoff 272DharmendraDavid Hasselhoff 2Jean-Claude Van Damme 154DharmendraJean-Claude Van Damme 1Sylvester Stallone 277DharmendraSylvester Stallone 2Sylvester Stallone 180DharmendraSylvester Stallone 1Arnold Schwarzenegger 290DharmendraArnold Schwarzenegger 2Mel Gibson 363DharmendraMel Gibson 3Mel Gibson 272DharmendraMel Gibson 2Mel Gibson 180DharmendraMel Gibson 1#Johnny Depp as Cesar in The Man Who Cried24Kaboomer#Johnny Depp as Cesar in The Man Who Cried^ Johnnie Depp - Pirates of the Carribean35300zx^ Johnnie Depp - Pirates of the Carribean^ Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn ~ Charade40300zx^ Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn ~ Charade^ Sean Connery20300zx^ Sean Connery^ Benedict Cumberbatch40300zx^ Benedict CumberbatchFernando Colunga 418143DharmendraFernando Colunga 418Fernando Colunga 40388DharmendraFernando Colunga 403Fernando Colunga 382160DharmendraFernando Colunga 382Fernando Colunga 377180DharmendraFernando Colunga 377Fernando Colunga 35799DharmendraFernando Colunga 357Fernando Colunga 33599DharmendraFernando Colunga 335Fernando Colunga 332140DharmendraFernando Colunga 332Fernando Colunga 317130DharmendraFernando Colunga 317