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More ink! (Jens Dalsgaard)90fountaineerMore ink! (Jens Dalsgaard)bear with bear90fountaineerbear with bearHello?88fountaineerHello?man eating banana88fountaineerman eating bananaHector80fountaineerHectorman in the sun72fountaineerman in the sunsunbather72fountaineersunbatherI May Be Blind81PorkChopsI May Be BlindA man in the kitchen81fountaineerA man in the kitchenTattoo Message99VermeerTattoo Messagethe red cushion80fountaineerthe red cushionFrank Mannarino and friend90fountaineerFrank Mannarino and friendYes, Please77PorkChopsYes, Pleasethe pussycat tattoo90fountaineerthe pussycat tattooXavier in ultra-violet light90fountaineerXavier in ultra-violet lightjust out of the shower54fountaineerjust out of the showerBig Boy LV156Big Boy LVJens "the Beast" Dalsgaard100fountaineerJens "the Beast" DalsgaardCooling off (Hector)90fountaineerCooling off (Hector)Big Beard LV152Big Beard LVReady for a cat nap!98fountaineerReady for a cat nap!Lucas Parker flexing88fountaineerLucas Parker flexingTexting100fountaineerTextingred shorts100fountaineerred shorts