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Tall, Dark, & Built120daybird2Tall, Dark, & BuiltThe Beach Boy90daybird2The Beach BoyGentle, But Dangerous110daybird2Gentle, But DangerousNeed Some Help With That?72daybird2Need Some Help With That?Just Don't Cross Me90daybird2Just Don't Cross MeI Didn't Mean To Bend That I-Beam90daybird2I Didn't Mean To Bend That I-BeamDon't Look At Me Like That!72daybird2Don't Look At Me Like That!Don't Mess With Me110daybird2Don't Mess With MeElectrified Hair88daybird2Electrified HairBuckin' Hay108daybird2Buckin' HaySimply Unbelievable90daybird2Simply UnbelievableGranite Abs108daybird2Granite AbsWho's Not Big Enough?130daybird2Who's Not Big Enough?Hang On To Your Hat77daybird2Hang On To Your HatBiceps & Dimples108daybird2Biceps & DimplesDrinking on the Job120daybird2Drinking on the JobThe Skateboarder117daybird2The Skateboarder19 & Still Growin'154daybird219 & Still Growin'What a Pair of Guns170daybird2What a Pair of GunsBomec02108MuzzlesBomec02For the girls............x60EllieMontFor the girls............x8 15 guy170pally8 15 guyWILKO RISSER 170RicardoBathUKWILKO RISSER 1Sexy hunk130RicardoBathUKSexy hunk