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Mama and Calf on the Plains288EmbeeMama and Calf on the PlainsThe-persistence-of-memory-19316The-persistence-of-memory-1931Persistance of Memory - Salvador Dali150RandlerPersistance of Memory - Salvador DaliComing Atcha300EmbeeComing AtchaEastern Market Detroit42Ellen72948Eastern Market DetroitNorth Land Shopping Center48Ellen72948North Land Shopping CenterCard Catalog File Dewey Decimal System42Ellen72948Card Catalog File Dewey Decimal SystemThe Sherriff63westtexasgalThe SherriffClydesdales54Ellen72948ClydesdalesJardin de Mémoire, arbres rouges, Bretagne54catlocJardin de Mémoire, arbres rouges, BretagneJardin de Mémoire, banc, Bretagne35catlocJardin de Mémoire, banc, BretagneJardin de Mémoire, Bretagne35catlocJardin de Mémoire, Bretagnele prat des cremats, Montsegur35bardunle prat des cremats, MontsegurAutumn in the Rockies 201272swreaderAutumn in the Rockies 2012Flubber300BockmanFlubberThe Persistence of Memory (Salvador Dalí, 1931)300mardukwinsThe Persistence of Memory (Salvador Dalí, 1931)lest we forget289ilsannielest we forgetFather and Three Children35yassamanFather and Three ChildrenDali - persistence memory88robrDali - persistence memorySAM_043640SAM_0436Bill's rose35LassieBill's roseIn memory of Marius81raefIn memory of MariusLOC4_Lesson 3 NIV Image for Puzzle15LOC4_Lesson 3 NIV Image for PuzzleMemories of another time56aprylMemories of another time