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Mile 1688 Wildflower Loosestrife42AmyJoyMile 1688 Wildflower LoosestrifePico Campfire Trout91AmyJoyPico Campfire TroutPico Campfire55AmyJoyPico CampfireMile 1687 Pico Camp Shelter35AmyJoyMile 1687 Pico Camp ShelterMile 1684 Cooper Lodge for AT and Long Trail15AmyJoyMile 1684 Cooper Lodge for AT and Long TrailMonument-Waterloo-Belgium72gelsominaMonument-Waterloo-BelgiumMile 1680 Governor Clement Shelter12AmyJoyMile 1680 Governor Clement ShelterSunset Storm In The Valley91AmyJoySunset Storm In The ValleyMile 1660 Little Rock Pond Shelter12AmyJoyMile 1660 Little Rock Pond ShelterMile 1651 Peru Peak Shelter12AmyJoyMile 1651 Peru Peak ShelterSki Slope is Trail Bromley Mountain140AmyJoySki Slope is Trail Bromley MountainKiss kiss98AmyJoyKiss kissMile 1623 A Field Of Clover54AmyJoyMile 1623 A Field Of CloverButtercups 0135EmbeeButtercups 01Uzon Caldera 01300EmbeeUzon Caldera 01Wildflower Herb Black Mustard60AmyJoyWildflower Herb Black MustardGreen Mountains Range152AmyJoyGreen Mountains RangeBull Moose54AmyJoyBull MooseMile 1599 Butterfly42AmyJoyMile 1599 ButterflyUpward Meadow35AmyJoyUpward MeadowField Flowers24AmyJoyField FlowersGreen Mountains Range136AmyJoyGreen Mountains RangeMile 1549 View North77AmyJoyMile 1549 View NorthMile 1547 October Mountain Lean-to12AmyJoyMile 1547 October Mountain Lean-to