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Mile 1362 Trail To Wildcat Shelter40AmyJoyMile 1362 Trail To Wildcat ShelterHuge clothespin80JanMarie8Huge clothespinMile 1352 Marshland140AmyJoyMile 1352 MarshlandEasy Meadow96AmyJoyEasy MeadowSandpiper35AmyJoySandpiperMile 1345b Pochuck Boardwalk Next Three Miles80AmyJoyMile 1345b Pochuck Boardwalk Next Three MilesWallkill River Valley70AmyJoyWallkill River ValleyWallkill River Trail B20AmyJoyWallkill River Trail BWallkill River Trail A36AmyJoyWallkill River Trail AMile 1319 Grassland78AmyJoyMile 1319 GrasslandWalking By Horses54AmyJoyWalking By HorsesDeer Herd45AmyJoyDeer HerdMile 1249 Wild Blueberry40AmyJoyMile 1249 Wild BlueberryMeadow Clover96jtl467Meadow CloverMile 1239 Bake Oven Knob Shelter15AmyJoyMile 1239 Bake Oven Knob ShelterField Flowers35AmyJoyField FlowersNice Flat Spot Trail40AmyJoyNice Flat Spot TrailNancy Wernersbach 'Balloons Over the Meadow'150rwmainNancy Wernersbach 'Balloons Over the Meadow'More Wild Blackberry54AmyJoyMore Wild BlackberryWildflower Pickerelweed35AmyJoyWildflower PickerelweedPennsylvania Grass54AmyJoyPennsylvania GrassCardiff Castle88gelsominaCardiff CastleMile 1086 Twins54AmyJoyMile 1086 TwinsBernard Willington 'County Sheep'150rwmainBernard Willington 'County Sheep'