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Kathy Goff 'Forest Manger'150rwmainKathy Goff 'Forest Manger'Ruane Manning 'In the Manger'150rwmainRuane Manning 'In the Manger'Nativity~ unknown artist99BronwynNativity~ unknown artistGiverny, salle à manger Cl. Monet35catlocGiverny, salle à manger Cl. Monet006204006#Nativity42Kaboomer#Nativity*Nativity48pinkylee*Nativity3 - Jesus in a Manger289juliew643 - Jesus in a Mangermésange vorace / voracious bird 02240WhiterabbitEmésange vorace / voracious bird 02physalis / Groundcherry (?)192WhiterabbitEphysalis / Groundcherry (?)New Puzzle209New PuzzleCat in a manger110Cat in a mangerKinkade_nativity12Kinkade_nativityIvory, Lesley Anne Calico Cat in a Christmas Cradle120docrabbitsIvory, Lesley Anne Calico Cat in a Christmas CradleCat with kittens in the manger Lesley Anne Ivory108docrabbitsCat with kittens in the manger Lesley Anne IvoryDSCN276070DSCN2760Restaut30RestautSanta kneeling to baby Jesus300BeeBeckSanta kneeling to baby JesusMiller Light35aprylMiller LightChristmas Manger60kelleylChristmas MangerDeGrazia manger80walkswithDeGrazia mangerBaby Jesus110Pepper74Baby JesusManger Scene140bonneeyManger SceneNativity Scene300monkeypantsNativity Scene