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Squirrel looking at you. Photo by Yu-Chan Chen35FadeSquirrel looking at you. Photo by Yu-Chan ChenSpirited Flex280EmbeeSpirited FlexWater Buffalo A01 copy260EmbeeWater Buffalo A01 copySolitary Bison Bull286EmbeeSolitary Bison BullLoose in the Barn300EmbeeLoose in the BarnHippo Pool289EmbeeHippo PoolBlack Antelope of Africa196EmbeeBlack Antelope of Africasquirrel & chipmunk152bggleepsquirrel & chipmunkCurious Little Guy copy196EmbeeCurious Little Guy copyFocused Zebra42EmbeeFocused ZebraBored Giraffe copy24EmbeeBored Giraffe copyKudu Bust154EmbeeKudu BustArmadillo in Grass copy30EmbeeArmadillo in Grass copyPainted African Wild Dog198EmbeePainted African Wild DogGhost Elephant300EmbeeGhost ElephantHyena Pup28EmbeeHyena PupDesman of the Pyrenees6patijewlDesman of the PyreneesFawn 0335EmbeeFawn 03Victorian Fantasy Woman300EmbeeVictorian Fantasy WomanCome a Little Closer150EmbeeCome a Little CloserGiraffe300EmbeeGiraffeChocolate Paint289EmbeeChocolate PaintOcelot 02 copy28EmbeeOcelot 02 copy"Chipmunk"150LyleK"Chipmunk"