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Gloria West 'Dream of the Wolf Maiden'99rwmainGloria West 'Dream of the Wolf Maiden'Kinuko Y. Craft 'Wildwood Dancing'99rwmainKinuko Y. Craft 'Wildwood Dancing'Gloria West 'Butterfly Blanket'150rwmainGloria West 'Butterfly Blanket'Words of encouragement passed between a maiden and her warrior..70FreddijWords of encouragement passed between a maiden and her warrior..Victorian Fantasy Woman300EmbeeVictorian Fantasy WomanMaiden Floral Portrait English Art-40pizzapopMaiden Floral Portrait English Art-INDIAN MAIDEN150INDIAN MAIDENSnow Maiden20Cookie303Snow MaidenEd Force One 747120sjrh1972Ed Force One 747Masquerade Maiden42GelanirilMasquerade MaidenElf Maiden on a Horse49GelanirilElf Maiden on a HorseC30cX60C30cXPrincess and Dragon98marymeowPrincess and DragonArwen Evenstar49marymeowArwen EvenstarSnow Queen & White Tiger70marymeowSnow Queen & White TigerLittle Girl and Bird80marymeowLittle Girl and BirdAs Mother Nature Dreams in Spring150marymeowAs Mother Nature Dreams in SpringBlue Fairy with Kitten126marymeowBlue Fairy with KittenGaladriel - Lady of Lothlorien81marymeowGaladriel - Lady of Lothlorien155736836itane1fora1557368Powerslave260BarracudaPowerslaveA real dead one260BarracudaA real dead oneDreaming99EmbeeDreamingWistfulness120EmbeeWistfulness