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^ Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding35300zx^ Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding^ Build your own perfect burger35300zx^ Build your own perfect burger^ Avocado, Fish, Sauce18300zx^ Avocado, Fish, Sauce^ Eggrolls35300zx^ Eggrolls^ Chicken and Caprese Salad40300zx^ Chicken and Caprese Salad^ Burger, fries and cola for lunch32300zx^ Burger, fries and cola for lunch^ Buffalo Chicken Wontons24300zx^ Buffalo Chicken Wontons^ Spinach Lasagna Rolls35300zx^ Spinach Lasagna RollsLakeside dining140oldporscheracerLakeside dining^ Fondue35300zx^ Fondue^ Fried shrimp35300zx^ Fried shrimp^ Pasta with garlic bread20300zx^ Pasta with garlic breadSwiss Roll25FarzanaSwiss Roll^ Mexican Chicken Casserole35300zx^ Mexican Chicken Casserole^ Grilled Cheese Sandwich35300zx^ Grilled Cheese SandwichSwiss Roll25FarzanaSwiss RollNorman Rockwell 'Saying Grace'120rwmainNorman Rockwell 'Saying Grace'^ Breaded chicken tenders with cabbage40300zx^ Breaded chicken tenders with cabbage^ Chili, Scones with Honey Butter, Relish Dish, Peanut Butter Co35300zx^ Chili, Scones with Honey Butter, Relish Dish, Peanut Butter Co^ Deli sandwich35300zx^ Deli sandwichLunch Time!300Taty73Lunch Time!^ Lunch wrapped up35300zx^ Lunch wrapped up^ Fried green tomato caprese35300zx^ Fried green tomato caprese^ Mexican Tater Tot Personal Pizzas35300zx^ Mexican Tater Tot Personal Pizzas