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Descent from Caradhras150EldamarDescent from CaradhrasCaras Galadhon300BaggywrinkleCaras GaladhonIthilien209EldamarIthilienThe Shire209EldamarThe ShireLake Cuivienen209EldamarLake CuivienenSaruman is Overtaken216EldamarSaruman is OvertakenThe Barad Dur150EldamarThe Barad DurCourt of the Fountain150EldamarCourt of the FountainMirkwood300MyotismonMirkwoodRivendell300MyotismonRivendellRivendell300RivendellLord of the Ring Poster - Legolas204MelphieLord of the Ring Poster - LegolasMap of Middle Earth98TrufanMap of Middle EarthVan Gogh never saw the Land of Shadow (c) sagittariusgallery144subversivegrrlVan Gogh never saw the Land of Shadow (c) sagittariusgalleryLord of the Ring Poster192MelphieLord of the Ring PosterNienna Lady of Mercy198IskandrosNienna Lady of MercyYavanna Giver of Fruits by Jenny Dolfen198IskandrosYavanna Giver of Fruits by Jenny DolfenEowyn of Rohan252IskandrosEowyn of RohanLOTR 6150CoraltLOTR 6Minas Tirith60Minas TirithTaraRueping LotR2300alexkiseTaraRueping LotR2Hobbit Hole140roseinwinterHobbit HoleHobbiton152roseinwinterHobbitonKing Thranduil120AnubibiKing Thranduil