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Арда-фэндомы-Леголас-Синдар-187752535Арда-фэндомы-Леголас-Синдар-1877525Lord Peter70bachldrs1Lord PeterTim Kirk Last Shore110JimbobovalsocksTim Kirk Last ShoreGandalf Watercolour99JimbobovalsocksGandalf WatercolourRings273dopeylarsRingsChristopher Clark Sam And Frodo120JimbobovalsocksChristopher Clark Sam And FrodoLord of the rings Fort of bruinen Howe70musaraLord of the rings Fort of bruinen HoweImages-of-hd-lord-krishna-hd-1080p-wallpaper98LarinkaImages-of-hd-lord-krishna-hd-1080p-wallpaperLord of the Rings50MirchusLord of the RingsLord Ganesha300MoeshkaLord GaneshaHobbiton - Bag End - New Zealand300thiagomfHobbiton - Bag End - New ZealandHobbiton - New Zealand300thiagomfHobbiton - New ZealandThe Shire252The ShireLord Crag160KrougLord CragFrodo 9289StoryWeaverFrodo 9Saruman 2300StoryWeaverSaruman 2Aragorn 13300StoryWeaverAragorn 13gandalf by adorindil228JRPuzzlesgandalf by adorindilArtist's depiction of Mt. Doom - based on based on MT NGAURUHOE80swreaderArtist's depiction of Mt. Doom - based on based on MT NGAURUHOELord of the Ring 13300MelphieLord of the Ring 13Thranduil300RhaellysThranduil7d9192744b70e8d1efb9990de43171293007d9192744b70e8d1efb9990de4317129Joe Gilronan The House Of Tom Bombadil204JimbobovalsocksJoe Gilronan The House Of Tom BombadilGandalf180spxxGandalf