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Green blue black160joanshollfrancisGreen blue blackLeaves Arrangement 1289KaraMelekLeaves Arrangement 1autumn leaves12qwertzautumn leavesSilence48mika7SilenceUr4542_nature48Kr1styUr4542_natureOn a green leaf20mika7On a green leafMorpho butterflies reversed on a leaf12llgreggMorpho butterflies reversed on a leafBlazing autumn leaves6llgreggBlazing autumn leavesMoss on a Log120Wilson1150Moss on a LogTulip Leaves60cloudfanTulip LeavesMacro 55 (Clower and waterdrops)300KaraMelekMacro 55 (Clower and waterdrops)#Ladybug on a Leaf6Kaboomer#Ladybug on a LeafApricot flowers80llgreggApricot flowersUnicorn80ksmith375Unicorngreen canopy300ilsanniegreen canopymacro leaves15qwertzmacro leaves#Colorful Caladium80Kaboomer#Colorful CaladiumLeafy Steps108PatticakeLeafy StepsPretty dog42Kaycee55Pretty dogGreen eyed Cypress raccoon=Dec 28.1490eiguocGreen eyed Cypress raccoon=Dec 28.14^ Red maple leaf45300zx^ Red maple leafPurple Leaf36WyoAZgalPurple Leafleaves15qwertzleaves#She Steals A Kiss150Kaboomer#She Steals A Kiss