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Aspen Cathedral70cristinamotoleseAspen CathedralPainting ~ ombc 0aa9359b300Painting ~ ombc 0aa9359b#Holiday Decor63Kaboomer#Holiday Decor#Present25Kaboomer#PresentA Cup of Tea300Taty73A Cup of TeaAutumn colors180amywattsAutumn colors*La Conga55pinkylee*La CongaThrough the Window20yassamanThrough the Windowcircle of life36srslife2001circle of life#Musical Drum on Heart20Kaboomer#Musical Drum on HeartVitamine48aprylVitaminePeanut blue jay=Nov 9.1499eiguocPeanut blue jay=Nov 9.14autumn tree48babysisautumn treeSeashore Mahoe24lydthekidSeashore MahoeWolf in Leaves120jackieincaWolf in LeavesBehind a raindrop99LiaramBehind a raindropVROSINA - GIANNENA - HELLAS156jennyspamVROSINA - GIANNENA - HELLASGIROLIMNIA - KASTORIA - HELLAS300jennyspamGIROLIMNIA - KASTORIA - HELLASHandsome 8 point buck Nov 4.1499eiguocHandsome 8 point buck Nov 4.14Autumn Leaves195Autumn LeavesDock20DockRainbowDreamsFallingLeaves NickGustafson208fitchypooRainbowDreamsFallingLeaves NickGustafsonIMGP0053 80 F045 00200 190 DA55-300 K-x300IMGP0053 80 F045 00200 190 DA55-300 K-xCentral park96SpituCentral park