100 puzzles tagged learning
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University of North Carolina Chappel Hill USA35RichardSmallUniversity of North Carolina Chappel Hill USAUniversity of Milan Milano Italy35RichardSmallUniversity of Milan Milano ItalyUniversity of Manchester UK35RichardSmallUniversity of Manchester UKUniversity of Illinois Urbana IL USA36RichardSmallUniversity of Illinois Urbana IL USAUniversity of Hawaii Honolulu HI USA35RichardSmallUniversity of Hawaii Honolulu HI USAUniversity of Georgia Athens GA USA32RichardSmallUniversity of Georgia Athens GA USAUniversity of Edinburgh35RichardSmallUniversity of EdinburghUniversity of Cambridge UK35RichardSmallUniversity of Cambridge UKUniversity of California Berkeley CA USA36RichardSmallUniversity of California Berkeley CA USAUniversity of Bristol UK35RichardSmallUniversity of Bristol UKUniversity of Bologna Italy35RichardSmallUniversity of Bologna ItalyUniversity College of London UK35RichardSmallUniversity College of London UKUCLA Los Angeles CA USA35RichardSmallUCLA Los Angeles CA USAThe Florida State University Tallahassee FL USA35RichardSmallThe Florida State University Tallahassee FL USAPortland State University Portland OR USA35RichardSmallPortland State University Portland OR USAOregon State University Corvallis OR USA35RichardSmallOregon State University Corvallis OR USAMontana State University Bozeman MT USA35RichardSmallMontana State University Bozeman MT USAMassachuttes Institute of Technology Bonston MA USA35RichardSmallMassachuttes Institute of Technology Bonston MA USALondon School of Economics35RichardSmallLondon School of EconomicsKing's College London UK35RichardSmallKing's College London UKImperial College London UK32RichardSmallImperial College London UKColumbia University New York USA32RichardSmallColumbia University New York USAHarvard University Cambridge MA USA36RichardSmallHarvard University Cambridge MA USAHarvard University Cafeteria Cambridge MA USA35RichardSmallHarvard University Cafeteria Cambridge MA USA