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Drivin' by the castle96janellecarterDrivin' by the castleFall Lane35marwallFall LaneRed leaves28pinkyleeRed leaves^ Walk in the park or country lane40300zx^ Walk in the park or country lanePeacock Lane99BronwynPeacock Lane980_cottage_lane_rgb99Catlover980_cottage_lane_rgbIMG_141099IMG_1410Jean-François Raffaëlli - A Lane of Plain Trees - Art110glaserdjJean-François Raffaëlli - A Lane of Plain Trees - ArtWendons Ambo Essex70keepclickingpanoramioWendons Ambo EssexGarden & Quilts ~130BronwynGarden & Quilts ~Moody's Lane198karlakellyMoody's LaneCountry Road-Spring~130BronwynCountry Road-Spring~Sunny Lane Les Deux 200980Sunny Lane Les Deux 2009Piddletrentide70keepclickingpanoramioPiddletrentide112845796Misfire1128457From the wheel - no effects99CalvadosianFrom the wheel - no effectsHeart16Heart♥ Cottage Lane...100MyDustyGirl♥ Cottage Lane...IMG_26622613761787120IMG_26622613761787Salamonie In Repose24jawstaysunSalamonie In Reposewinding road54Kaycee55winding roadLighted xmas trees108RustyLaVioletteLighted xmas treesCountry lane 2300sahoni65Country lane 2Porlock Hill, Somerset80WhitebeardPorlock Hill, Somerset