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Spring ice flow60leoleobobeoSpring ice flowMt. Black Forest,Germany15ardenaMt. Black Forest,GermanyQuasi unknown 20160730 0mnj01S1200luke1000Quasi unknown 20160730 0mnj01S1Quasi unknown 20160730 4GiWjLbm200luke1000Quasi unknown 20160730 4GiWjLbmQuasi unknown 20160730 2sivE9ae200luke1000Quasi unknown 20160730 2sivE9aeQuasi unknown 20160730 2RWgOqT9200luke1000Quasi unknown 20160730 2RWgOqT9Minis 03 (0185)198luke1000Minis 03 (0185)lake in the mountains150AtoZlake in the mountainsThe Three Shastas-Dam, Lake, Mt.228creativelady64The Three Shastas-Dam, Lake, Mt.Paysage35dhcpPaysageTwo young bull moose tussle54swreaderTwo young bull moose tussle03672masterpiecer036best frans100otterific10best fransLake Lemen, Switzerland . Peder Mork Monsted 188788MorvorenLake Lemen, Switzerland . Peder Mork Monsted 1887Paro Taktsang Monastery24hlinikParo Taktsang Monastery03970masterpiecer03903870masterpiecer03803670masterpiecer036Mountain reflection70HannetjieMountain reflectionZaZen6ZaZenDeer at lake150HannetjieDeer at lakewhere's the tent & fishing poles?300dankenstynewhere's the tent & fishing poles?Scoville Point Aurora48swreaderScoville Point AuroraSunrise at Rock Harbor Lodge54swreaderSunrise at Rock Harbor Lodge