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Lake of hanging glacier35nanceeLake of hanging glacierWedgemount lake30sb1981Wedgemount lakeOberhofen castle60sadladyOberhofen castleNight camp under the stars60leoleobobeoNight camp under the starsSpring Lake231SheepSlayer974Spring LakeSpringtime blooms100sherrie11Springtime bloomsFirst Light at Two Medicine Lake Montana by Manis Mamtani198TheWOLFirst Light at Two Medicine Lake Montana by Manis MamtaniSummer lake300BaggywrinkleSummer lakeNa 20z (86)198luke1000Na 20z (86)Na 20z (85)198luke1000Na 20z (85)Na 20z (84)198luke1000Na 20z (84)Na 20z (83)198luke1000Na 20z (83)Na 20z (82)200luke1000Na 20z (82)Collection1385 019198luke1000Collection1385 019Snowy Lake156WindyMillerSnowy LakePeaceful Song by Sung Kim300Sun4RePeaceful Song by Sung KimBeautiful village of hallstatt, austria20hlinikBeautiful village of hallstatt, austriaMountain Reflection300jnwhite24Mountain ReflectionGrand Lake, Colorado156villachampGrand Lake, ColoradoFAmily time70TrishaLeeFAmily time^ A Lake in Charlevoix, Canada35300zx^ A Lake in Charlevoix, CanadaQueenstown at dusk24carmenrQueenstown at dusklakeside houses108bardunlakeside housesbeautiful palace15ardenabeautiful palace