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Pets are so sweet.4jillnjoPets are so sweet.All dressed up.4jillnjoAll dressed up.Blue eyes15patijewlBlue eyesCat12WiccaSmurfCatSkiing skills ;-)6patijewlSkiing skills ;-)Dog&cat12malwa491Dog&catPesky tiger.6jillnjoPesky tiger.Naptime300NaptimeWINK15zipnonWINKKitten, from bookshelves tumblr 413386 24-photos-300Kitten, from bookshelves tumblr 413386 24-photos-Cat lapping up a cool drink.6jillnjoCat lapping up a cool drink.Grey cat and kitten12patijewlGrey cat and kitten^ I've mastered this balancing act24300zx^ I've mastered this balancing actPRETTY KITTY20zipnonPRETTY KITTYKitten24Dajana49KittenCat and kitten12patijewlCat and kittenKittens24Dajana49KittensDog and kitten35Dajana49Dog and kittenPussy cat i origami24malwa491Pussy cat i origamiPretty cat6jillnjoPretty catSiamese cat24SayutskaSiamese catI love boxes15patijewlI love boxesNo mouse under my chair!4jillnjoNo mouse under my chair!Pretty kitties20patijewlPretty kitties