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Mexican Alterpiece24miterMexican AlterpieceCowper, Frank Cadogan Our Lady of the Fruits of the Earth88docrabbitsCowper, Frank Cadogan Our Lady of the Fruits of the EarthBeautiful Nativity~ Liz Goodrick Dillon99BronwynBeautiful Nativity~ Liz Goodrick DillonA Child is Born~ Master Pieces99BronwynA Child is Born~ Master PiecesHoly Family and Simeon at Loretto300MJC22Holy Family and Simeon at LorettoMother of Perpetual Help91miterMother of Perpetual HelpBouguereau The Virgin With Angels150miterBouguereau The Virgin With Angels#Christmas Nativity Scene12Kaboomer#Christmas Nativity SceneNativity Scene63sb1981Nativity SceneBaby jesus wont bathe70puzzleninjaBaby jesus wont batheMother Mary & Baby Jesus54KaboomerMother Mary & Baby Jesus#Nativity42Kaboomer#Nativity*Nativity48pinkylee*Nativity17 - Mary & Jesus300juliew6417 - Mary & JesusThe Sleep of the Infant Jesus by Sassoferrato140puzzlefanThe Sleep of the Infant Jesus by Sassoferrato~I've Just Seen Jesus!70MyDustyGirl~I've Just Seen Jesus!Christmas90ApotresChristmasAngel Gabriel coming to Mary35conadamsAngel Gabriel coming to MaryThe Holy Family Praying20miterThe Holy Family PrayingColorful Holy Family48miterColorful Holy Family18057916_10154471572060544_3549453089650891265_n24miter18057916_10154471572060544_3549453089650891265_nThe Holy Family15miterThe Holy FamilyOur Lady of the Sacred Heart42miterOur Lady of the Sacred HeartA Mother's Love30miterA Mother's Love