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Bright Colors make the World go 'round25tulsa7035Bright Colors make the World go 'round~ Somewhere else25tulsa7035~ Somewhere elseCircles and Swirls Cake16tulsa7035Circles and Swirls CakeButterflies are Beautiful16tulsa7035Butterflies are BeautifulTiny Travelers16tulsa7035Tiny TravelersHarvesting Pollen to Make Honey4tulsa7035Harvesting Pollen to Make HoneyBlue Sapphire Beetle4tulsa7035Blue Sapphire BeetleNeon City20tulsa7035Neon CityPinwheels20tulsa7035PinwheelsCreative Color20tulsa7035Creative ColorBreaking out a cold one4tulsa7035Breaking out a cold oneColorful Cottage25tulsa7035Colorful CottageA Little Lunch12tulsa7035A Little LunchWhat We Know25tulsa7035What We KnowSentimental Sunday25tulsa7035Sentimental SundayCat's Meow of Scrabble4tulsa7035Cat's Meow of ScrabbleSweet Rainbow25tulsa7035Sweet RainbowDid I miss the contest?4tulsa7035Did I miss the contest?Shade25tulsa7035ShadeIn a bit of a bind12tulsa7035In a bit of a bindEthereal25tulsa7035EtherealTreasure Trove20tulsa7035Treasure TroveSweet90tulsa7035SweetSeriously Colorful25tulsa7035Seriously Colorful