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With waterfall in back edited-1169With waterfall in back edited-1#Censational Chocolate Wrapped in Gold12Kaboomer#Censational Chocolate Wrapped in Gold-old-abandoned-vintage-delivery-truck-van35barneycat-old-abandoned-vintage-delivery-truck-vanIMG_0139108rhatalaIMG_0139IMG_013799rhatalaIMG_013711148693_806888236063332_5851982933578210123_n30011148693_806888236063332_5851982933578210123_nValley of Ten Thousand Smokes60swreaderValley of Ten Thousand SmokesChurch in Rijeka 235DinkoChurch in Rijeka 2Church in Rijeka35DinkoChurch in RijekaDar al Hajar Wady Hajar Yemen12caprariucarmenDar al Hajar Wady Hajar YemenCaddo lake-USA12caprariucarmenCaddo lake-USAKawachi Fuji Garden in Kitakyushu, Japan35WyoAZgalKawachi Fuji Garden in Kitakyushu, JapanPuzzle man48Kr1styPuzzle manSunrise as seen from the summit of Haleakala63swreaderSunrise as seen from the summit of HaleakalaLower Falls - Yellowstone River70swreaderLower Falls - Yellowstone RiverPraatprent - 3035Praatprent - 30Great Kobuk Sand Dunes - Aerial shot - looking SW70swreaderGreat Kobuk Sand Dunes - Aerial shot - looking SWCheckerboard Mesa - Zion National Park, UT54swreaderCheckerboard Mesa - Zion National Park, UTI can almost smell the lilacs60goosealleygalI can almost smell the lilacsChinese cherry42PetereChinese cherryK1300K1TREE in Africa & Giraffes60JustABugTREE in Africa & GiraffesWhite-winged Dove feeding on Saguaro Blossom Nectar63swreaderWhite-winged Dove feeding on Saguaro Blossom NectarSpring Sundown in Tucson, Arizona56swreaderSpring Sundown in Tucson, Arizona