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Durmitor National Park70swreaderDurmitor National ParkBaby bluebirds dropping in for breakfast6DanMoriartyBaby bluebirds dropping in for breakfastcar in flowers15hlinikcar in flowersamazing nature24caprariucarmenamazing nature#Eco-Friendly Vacation- Enjoy the Simple Things in Life12Kaboomer#Eco-Friendly Vacation- Enjoy the Simple Things in Life100312114642Angelmomme711003121146Chipping Sparrow babies in our Alberta Spruce48CarolannmoChipping Sparrow babies in our Alberta SpruceWaterfalls in Autumn in Eldorado Canyon State P72swreaderWaterfalls in Autumn in Eldorado Canyon State PWith waterfall in back edited-1169With waterfall in back edited-1#Censational Chocolate Wrapped in Gold12Kaboomer#Censational Chocolate Wrapped in Gold-old-abandoned-vintage-delivery-truck-van35barneycat-old-abandoned-vintage-delivery-truck-vanIMG_0139108rhatalaIMG_0139IMG_013799rhatalaIMG_013711148693_806888236063332_5851982933578210123_n30011148693_806888236063332_5851982933578210123_nValley of Ten Thousand Smokes60swreaderValley of Ten Thousand SmokesChurch in Rijeka 235DinkoChurch in Rijeka 2Church in Rijeka35DinkoChurch in RijekaDar al Hajar Wady Hajar Yemen12caprariucarmenDar al Hajar Wady Hajar YemenCaddo lake-USA12caprariucarmenCaddo lake-USAKawachi Fuji Garden in Kitakyushu, Japan35WyoAZgalKawachi Fuji Garden in Kitakyushu, JapanPuzzle man48Kr1styPuzzle manSunrise as seen from the summit of Haleakala63swreaderSunrise as seen from the summit of HaleakalaLower Falls - Yellowstone River70swreaderLower Falls - Yellowstone RiverPraatprent - 3035Praatprent - 30