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autumn haven12qwertzautumn havenbeautiful garden12qwertzbeautiful gardencarefree cat6qwertzcarefree catfall's bounty12qwertzfall's bountyCrush49BugsbunnyCrushPsychedelic144AtoZPsychedelicCandy @ @ Life by Kay Smith @ Fort Bolt...72715ajan3Still Life by Kay Smith @ Fort Bolt...'Shallow Pond' by Colleen Stevens @ Fort Bolt...30715ajan3'Shallow Pond' by Colleen Stevens @ Fort Bolt...Red Door by Richard Cowdrey...99715ajan3Red Door by Richard Cowdrey...'Light Games' Art Quilt by Jane Hicks @ Fort Bolt.42715ajan3'Light Games' Art Quilt by Jane Hicks @ Fort Bolt.Flower Art @ Pinterest...30715ajan3Flower Art @ Pinterest...kitten kiss12qwertzkitten kissflowers lined footpath8qwertzflowers lined footpathStreet-art-the-twin15hlinikStreet-art-the-twinof the colored yarn12hlinikof the colored yarnScenic Photography @ Photography @ Art @ Art @ @ @ in Winter by Terry Harrison...99715ajan3Padstow in Winter by Terry Harrison...Billy de Vorss, a vintage beauty...80715ajan3Billy de Vorss, a vintage beauty...Colourful Crafts @ Crafts @ Calder, 'Dragonfly Marsh' Stained Glass...40715ajan3Samantha Calder, 'Dragonfly Marsh' Stained Glass...Bead Crafts @ Crafts @