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Tales of Manhattan, 1942 Rita Hayworth...48715ajan3Tales of Manhattan, 1942 Rita Hayworth...Christmas Art by Richard De Wolfe...96715ajan3Christmas Art by Richard De Wolfe...Christmas Village Wallpaper...48715ajan3Christmas Village house4qwertzflowers housesongbird menagerie12qwertzsongbird menagerieDar Es Salaam15hlinikDar Es Salaamnice terrace with sea view20hliniknice terrace with sea viewCarpet Page, Lindisfarne Gospels c.70035MorvorenCarpet Page, Lindisfarne Gospels c.700Bike-leaning-against-an-old-house-of-clay24hlinikBike-leaning-against-an-old-house-of-clayColourful Fruits and Vegetables @ Fruits and Vegetables @ Life Photography  @ Life Photography @ @ @ Sweet Garden by Chuck Pinson...99715ajan3The Sweet Garden by Chuck Pinson...Wedding Flowers @ Flowers @ @ @ Art @ Art @ of Burriano by Orietta Bussolino @ Fort Bolt...70715ajan3Colours of Burriano by Orietta Bussolino @ Fort Bolt...plane over the sea20hlinikplane over the seaFruit Juice @ Juice @ Bound by Terry Redlin...99715ajan3Homeward Bound by Terry Redlin...girl with flowers15hlinikgirl with flowerspenguins with presents12hlinikpenguins with presentsIlustration house20hlinikIlustration housePhoto4hlinikPhoto