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Vintage Pin-up Art @ Pin-up Art @ Wyles, a vintage beauty...48715ajan3Walter Wyles, a vintage beauty...Anatoly Metlan, pretty art...80715ajan3Anatoly Metlan, pretty art...Art Frahm (1906-1981) a vintage beauty...63715ajan3Art Frahm (1906-1981) a vintage beauty...Frederic Kimball Mizen, a vintage beauty for Mazza...70715ajan3Frederic Kimball Mizen, a vintage beauty for Mazza...A Busy Time on the Canal by Kevin Walsh...99715ajan3A Busy Time on the Canal by Kevin Walsh...Anca Bulgaru, pretty vintage...80715ajan3Anca Bulgaru, pretty vintage...Walter Wyles, a vintage beauty...70715ajan3Walter Wyles, a vintage beauty...Walter Martin Baumhofer (1904-1987) a vintage beauty...70715ajan3Walter Martin Baumhofer (1904-1987) a vintage beauty...Photo6hlinikPhotoCome with me12hlinikCome with meIlustration house12hlinikIlustration housePhoto12hlinikPhotoBeach Art Mural by Cindy Chinn @ Pinterest...35715ajan3Beach Art Mural by Cindy Chinn @ Pinterest...Rainbow Rose @ Rose @ Media Painting @ michellesarabia.com48715ajan3Mixed Media Painting @ michellesarabia.comGirl Messenger by Zora Art, Fort Bolt42715ajan3Girl Messenger by Zora Art, Fort BoltIllustration - mirror & reflection98MaisieKatIllustration - mirror & reflectionArt - Untitled (woman smelling roses)96MaisieKatArt - Untitled (woman smelling roses)Fashion - Patterns (1933) - McCalls100MaisieKatFashion - Patterns (1933) - McCallsColourful Yarn @ Yarn @ for the bathroom12hlinikPreparation for the bathroomby day12qwertzby dayriver mountain camp20qwertzriver mountain camp