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Marshall & Lily's HIMYM Wedding15TigerjagMarshall & Lily's HIMYM WeddingQuick Kiss Behind the Barn24TigerjagQuick Kiss Behind the BarnCelebration32TigerjagCelebrationRomantic Australian Wedding28TigerjagRomantic Australian WeddingRomatic Surprise Backyard Wedding20TigerjagRomatic Surprise Backyard WeddingRomantic Surprise Wedding20TigerjagRomantic Surprise WeddingRomantic Mountain Lake Wedding24TigerjagRomantic Mountain Lake WeddingFeeling So Safe24TigerjagFeeling So SafeFamous husband and wife...117Famous husband and wife...Cumberland Baptist Church119charlene69Cumberland Baptist ChurchOut of Gas~ vintage  Ad70BronwynOut of Gas~ vintage AdPick Your Candidate~ Norman Rockwell80BronwynPick Your Candidate~ Norman RockwellAutosave32shirlmj1AutosaveThis Car Needs Washing~ Amos Sewell72BronwynThis Car Needs Washing~ Amos SewellSweet treats60Sweet treatsWelcome Home Roses from 2 Weeks of Traveling24lydthekidWelcome Home Roses from 2 Weeks of TravelingMon Numéro 11 / My Number 11198WhiterabbitEMon Numéro 11 / My Number 11Vitamins96BuzzinBumbleVitaminsAngel husband143Pattycake57Angel husbandScreenshot 2017-06-16-07-52-5932sfalerisScreenshot 2017-06-16-07-52-59Famous husband and wife...117Famous husband and wife...Best Wedding Shoes Ever77AnnikeBest Wedding Shoes EverWenda Parkinson for Vogue, 1956100catlocWenda Parkinson for Vogue, 1956A.30240musicmonkeyA.30