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Blue Velvet Cake slice24TigerjagBlue Velvet Cake sliceThe Beach Boy90daybird2The Beach BoyA853d06f28b42eff590357a63823d94e35DanaDicesaris1965A853d06f28b42eff590357a63823d94eGentle, But Dangerous110daybird2Gentle, But DangerousMuscle80MrNewbieMuscleKoala6KoalaNeed Some Help With That?72daybird2Need Some Help With That?Just Don't Cross Me90daybird2Just Don't Cross MeI Didn't Mean To Bend That I-Beam90daybird2I Didn't Mean To Bend That I-BeamDon't Look At Me Like That!72daybird2Don't Look At Me Like That!Yes, I Am Bullet Proof80daybird2Yes, I Am Bullet ProofDon't Mess With Me110daybird2Don't Mess With MeElectrified Hair88daybird2Electrified HairBuckin' Hay108daybird2Buckin' HaySimply Unbelievable90daybird2Simply UnbelievableGranite Abs108daybird2Granite AbsWho's Not Big Enough?130daybird2Who's Not Big Enough?Hang On To Your Hat77daybird2Hang On To Your HatBiceps & Dimples108daybird2Biceps & DimplesDrinking on the Job120daybird2Drinking on the JobThe Skateboarder117daybird2The SkateboarderMuscle Mountain112daybird2Muscle Mountain19 & Still Growin'154daybird219 & Still Growin'What a Pair of Guns170daybird2What a Pair of Guns