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^ Patio, Falls Village, Connecticut24300zx^ Patio, Falls Village, ConnecticutThatched cottage35mika7Thatched cottagePinterest ♡♡♡12halosuggyPinterest ♡♡♡Wooden accent99Wooden accent14444667_1198169706872900_7427893121843828879_o9614444667_1198169706872900_7427893121843828879_oLake Michigan cottage54jillnjoLake Michigan cottageA walk by the red mill98alseaA walk by the red millSaturday morning88alseaSaturday morning12049296_10153516266006201_6697475865497367245_n42midnightcreatures12049296_10153516266006201_6697475865497367245_nBlue shutters and pink flowers54jillnjoBlue shutters and pink flowersStoneLogHome90MarrooStoneLogHomeHome kitchen91eridaneHome kitchen^ Multi-colored Victorian house35300zx^ Multi-colored Victorian houseIn Hobbiton near Matamata, New Zealand35mika7In Hobbiton near Matamata, New ZealandA fine retreat98alseaA fine retreatChair on the Cabin porch24jillnjoChair on the Cabin porchThe Presbytery of Middle Tennessee,Clarkville12ardenaThe Presbytery of Middle Tennessee,ClarkvilleCasa Dissescu,Bucarest,Romania12ardenaCasa Dissescu,Bucarest,Romania^ Palacio da Pena, Sintra, Portugal ~ Panoramic view32300zx^ Palacio da Pena, Sintra, Portugal ~ Panoramic view^ Lakeland Miniature Village, Cumbria35300zx^ Lakeland Miniature Village, Cumbria^ Lombard Street – San Francisco, California28300zx^ Lombard Street – San Francisco, CaliforniaCottage garden35mika7Cottage gardenpotw Down on the Farm35Nervebreakerpotw Down on the Farmpotw Farm Life-0135Nervebreakerpotw Farm Life-01