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George Dunlop Leslie (1835-1921) a vintage beauty...80715ajan3George Dunlop Leslie (1835-1921) a vintage beauty...'March in my Kitchen' by Gwendolyn Babbitt...80715ajan3'March in my Kitchen' by Gwendolyn Babbitt...beautiful cottage15ardenabeautiful cottageBeautiful Home63TattooedTigerBeautiful Home^ Handheld HDR image of Chenonceau © Michael Evans Photographer28300zx^ Handheld HDR image of Chenonceau © Michael Evans PhotographerGarden Home63TattooedTigerGarden HomeBy the Cottage Door~ William Henry Margetson (1861-1940)70BronwynBy the Cottage Door~ William Henry Margetson (1861-1940)Lighthouse Beach~ JohnZaccheo99BronwynLighthouse Beach~ JohnZaccheoBrooklyn,USA12ardenaBrooklyn,USAElegance of days gone by77alseaElegance of days gone byCanadian Home and Unique Garage96gamtnwxCanadian Home and Unique Garage^ Colin Bradley ~ Cottage watercolor pencils35300zx^ Colin Bradley ~ Cottage watercolor pencils^ Farmhouse kitchen24300zx^ Farmhouse kitchen^ Venetian Canal15300zx^ Venetian Canal^ Yellow and orange stoned exterior12300zx^ Yellow and orange stoned exteriorEnchantment~ NickyBoehme III96BronwynEnchantment~ NickyBoehme IIIFence Steps Cottage~ JosephBurgess99BronwynFence Steps Cottage~ JosephBurgess81fpnBVfYeL. SL1500300TrishaLee81fpnBVfYeL. SL150003-2@2x-1700x756300foxy9903-2@2x-1700x756Widoczek-dom-malarstwo-droga-zimowy300foxy99Widoczek-dom-malarstwo-droga-zimowyGuitar and red shoes-1475364300MeLuNaGuitar and red shoes-1475364^ Brownstone, Brooklyn, New York32300zx^ Brownstone, Brooklyn, New York^ Charlevoix, Quebec35300zx^ Charlevoix, Quebec^ Beryl Harrison art30300zx^ Beryl Harrison art