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Chocolate Stout Cake With BAILEYS Cream Cheese Frosting48frostbitealleyChocolate Stout Cake With BAILEYS Cream Cheese Frostingcolorful building36caprariucarmencolorful buildingPavlovas With Lemon Coconut Cream, Berries & Mint49frostbitealleyPavlovas With Lemon Coconut Cream, Berries & MintCASA NA ÁRVORE160CatgirlCASA NA ÁRVORELandscape-painting-by-gary-jenkin140SsancettaLandscape-painting-by-gary-jenkinCurb Appeal100BronwynCurb AppealSpring Cottage~99BronwynSpring Cottage~Winter Cabin150Texasgal1571Winter CabinChambord castle12caprariucarmenChambord castlesuperb-design12caprariucarmensuperb-design^ Colonial home, Williamsburg, VA48300zx^ Colonial home, Williamsburg, VA^ Semi-ruinous Tudor-Gothic style cottage, Ireland48300zx^ Semi-ruinous Tudor-Gothic style cottage, IrelandEast Bay Row Houses, Charleston, SC300Taty73East Bay Row Houses, Charleston, SCTouch of Spring~110BronwynTouch of Spring~Sunday Drive99BronwynSunday Drivebeautiful house6caprariucarmenbeautiful houseHellooooo there?? ...12715ajan3Hellooooo there?? ...breakfast32breakfast^ Little cottage somewhere in France45300zx^ Little cottage somewhere in France^ Visitor! Grand Lake, Colorado42300zx^ Visitor! Grand Lake, ColoradoWashing on the Line~99BronwynWashing on the Line~Relax144Cat120Relaxcolorful house with flowers9caprariucarmencolorful house with flowers^ Home in Cornwall, England48300zx^ Home in Cornwall, England