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Blue sky, white home.24jillnjoBlue sky, white home.New construction.Lovely.30jillnjoNew construction.Lovely.White house.35jillnjoWhite house.A Fairy garden pot108diana473A Fairy garden potEco-friendly tiny houses.112diana473Eco-friendly tiny houses.Rhododendrons are gorgeous.30jillnjoRhododendrons are gorgeous.Farmhouse living.35jillnjoFarmhouse living.Cool and soft tones.30jillnjoCool and soft tones.^ Red and white drama entrance24300zx^ Red and white drama entranceA white stone exterior.35jillnjoA white stone exterior.Painted brick home.30jillnjoPainted brick home.Lilacs-in-a-Farmhouse-Kitchen36jillnjoLilacs-in-a-Farmhouse-KitchenIvy and white.35jillnjoIvy and white.Nice16jillnjoNiceLet's live here, if we could!35jillnjoLet's live here, if we could!A beautiful house.24jillnjoA beautiful house.Large home against a blue sky.35jillnjoLarge home against a blue sky.Cottage blues and whites.30jillnjoCottage blues and whites.Bright and white.16jillnjoBright and white.Master bedroom.35jillnjoMaster bedroom.House of Kirillov the blacksmith, Kunara, Russia110diana473House of Kirillov the blacksmith, Kunara, RussiaCottage pretties.6jillnjoCottage pretties.Coffeetable decor.6jillnjoCoffeetable decor.Formal dining room.16jillnjoFormal dining room.