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Stichworte zur näheren Kennzeichnung: +architecture +300zx +color +cottage +historic +old +colorful +castle +building +beautiful

^ Red, black and white Christmas35300zx^ Red, black and white Christmas^ The Gatehouse, Stourhead — Wiltshire, England35300zx^ The Gatehouse, Stourhead — Wiltshire, England^ Fred Swan ~ Waiting to be let in25300zx^ Fred Swan ~ Waiting to be let inIn Alberobello, Italy12mika7In Alberobello, Italyamazing cottage15ardenaamazing cottageGOLF PLAYING SNOWMAN90TrishaLeeGOLF PLAYING SNOWMANamazing cottage12ardenaamazing cottage^ Château de Lantilly, Bourgogne35300zx^ Château de Lantilly, Bourgogne^ Governor John Walter Smith house, 1889, Snow Hill, MD35300zx^ Governor John Walter Smith house, 1889, Snow Hill, MD^ Bellamy Mansion, Wilmington, NC35300zx^ Bellamy Mansion, Wilmington, NC^ Beach house35300zx^ Beach housevillage tale12ardenavillage taleRustic kitchen12ardenaRustic kitchen^ Williamsburg, Virginia35300zx^ Williamsburg, Virginia^ Castle Combe, Cotscomb, England35300zx^ Castle Combe, Cotscomb, Englandbeautiful cottage15ardenabeautiful cottageWarm Welcome~ John Sloane 1000x1000100BronwynWarm Welcome~ John Sloane 1000x1000beautiful house12ardenabeautiful house'Pulling Together' by John Sloane...99715ajan3'Pulling Together' by John Sloane...Found on, Pinter80715ajan3Found on, Pinterbeautiful cottage15ardenabeautiful cottage^ Château de Lanquais, Dordogne35300zx^ Château de Lanquais, DordogneDoctor's House in Glendale, CA35mika7Doctor's House in Glendale, CAChristmas at the Country House~99BronwynChristmas at the Country House~