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^ Arid Farm ~ Jessie Meier24300zx^ Arid Farm ~ Jessie Meierblue cottage home9dankenstyneblue cottage homeWhimsical Old Mill Garden House98HeyJudeWhimsical Old Mill Garden HouseGingerbread Houses Martha's Vineyard99HeyJudeGingerbread Houses Martha's VineyardA Spot of Sunshine, Venice, CA.60HeyJudeA Spot of Sunshine, Venice, CA.Side Door Sneak Away60HeyJudeSide Door Sneak AwayNotting Hill, London, England63HeyJudeNotting Hill, London, EnglandKuchlbauer Tower, Abensberg, Germany60HeyJudeKuchlbauer Tower, Abensberg, GermanyGlowing Stairway Entry63HeyJudeGlowing Stairway EntrySnail House, Sofia, Bulgaria99HeyJudeSnail House, Sofia, BulgariaCordoba Courtyard63HeyJudeCordoba CourtyardBottle house Cap-Egmont, Prince Edward Island, Canada96HeyJudeBottle house Cap-Egmont, Prince Edward Island, CanadaAvila Beach, CA.60HeyJudeAvila Beach, CA.BURANO, VENICE, ITALY96HeyJudeBURANO, VENICE, ITALYThe Spaceship House Puerto Rico96HeyJudeThe Spaceship House Puerto RicoRochefort en Terre,France12ardenaRochefort en Terre,FranceFarm Neighbors~ BillBell99BronwynFarm Neighbors~ BillBellJigsaw Puzzle House100HeyJudeJigsaw Puzzle HouseTiny Home Sweet Home100HeyJudeTiny Home Sweet HomeNew Jersey Garden Junkie100HeyJudeNew Jersey Garden JunkieSeattle Garden House80HeyJudeSeattle Garden HouseWhimsical Grimsby Beach, Ontario100HeyJudeWhimsical Grimsby Beach, OntarioRainbow House100HeyJudeRainbow House^ Valldemossa Village, Mallorca, Spain36300zx^ Valldemossa Village, Mallorca, Spain