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Jastrowiec  POLAND300GochnaJastrowiec POLAND^ Dundas Castle, or Craig-E-Clair, abandoned castle in Roscoe, N15300zx^ Dundas Castle, or Craig-E-Clair, abandoned castle in Roscoe, Ngreen door15ardenagreen doorGołuchów pałac POLAND300GochnaGołuchów pałac POLAND^ Lakefront home, Charlevoix, Michigan28300zx^ Lakefront home, Charlevoix, MichiganIn Gerberoy, France36mika7In Gerberoy, FranceKlecewo pałac POLAND300GochnaKlecewo pałac POLANDCelejów pałac POLAND300GochnaCelejów pałac POLANDRogów Opolski pałac POLAND300GochnaRogów Opolski pałac POLANDPakoszów pałac POLAND299GochnaPakoszów pałac POLAND^ Le Chateau du Lude, Maine et Loire35300zx^ Le Chateau du Lude, Maine et LoireGłogówek zamek POLAND300GochnaGłogówek zamek POLANDrustic house12ardenarustic houseKraczewice Prywatne pałac POLAND300GochnaKraczewice Prywatne pałac POLAND^ Trondheim, Norway architecture and bridge32300zx^ Trondheim, Norway architecture and bridge^ Berkley Castle, West Virginia35300zx^ Berkley Castle, West VirginiaEpcot,Germany12ardenaEpcot,GermanyBritish house12ardenaBritish houseDzikowiec dwór POLAND300GochnaDzikowiec dwór POLAND^ English cottage35300zx^ English cottageGniew zamek POLAND300GochnaGniew zamek POLAND^ The Cotswolds in winter, England35300zx^ The Cotswolds in winter, Englandbeautiful facade12ardenabeautiful facade^ Home in Poland32300zx^ Home in Poland