1839 puzzles tagged home architecture
Tags to specify: +house +color +300zx +building +historic +colorful +design +scene +castle +green

Kuanaras house99kmcx8Kuanaras house^ Williamsburg, VA colonial home48300zx^ Williamsburg, VA colonial home^ Prentis House, Suffolk, VA - blt. 182042300zx^ Prentis House, Suffolk, VA - blt. 1820^ Château de Villesavin, Loir-et-Cher42300zx^ Château de Villesavin, Loir-et-CherColourful house15caprariucarmenColourful house^ Jihocesky Castle, Czech Republic48300zx^ Jihocesky Castle, Czech Republic^ Pole barn home42300zx^ Pole barn homeLichtenstein castles12caprariucarmenLichtenstein castlesOld Salem home99PatticakeOld Salem home^ The Painted Ladies, San Francisco, CA50300zx^ The Painted Ladies, San Francisco, CA^ 26,000 SF home, Annapolis, MD48300zx^ 26,000 SF home, Annapolis, MDbeautiful house12caprariucarmenbeautiful house^ Kersey, Suffolk, England40300zx^ Kersey, Suffolk, England^ Cottage in Cumbria, England48300zx^ Cottage in Cumbria, England^ 224 SF cabin, Yellowstone National Park48300zx^ 224 SF cabin, Yellowstone National Park^ Susina Plantation, Beachton, Georgia48300zx^ Susina Plantation, Beachton, Georgiabeautiful pink house9caprariucarmenbeautiful pink house^ Vienna Schonbrunn Palace48300zx^ Vienna Schonbrunn PalaceCantacuzino castle Busteni Romania35caprariucarmenCantacuzino castle Busteni Romania^ Cottage in Oxford, Suffolk, England24300zx^ Cottage in Oxford, Suffolk, EnglandMiercurea Ciuc Reformed Church15caprariucarmenMiercurea Ciuc Reformed ChurchSingapore Asia16caprariucarmenSingapore Asia^ Cotswolds, England48300zx^ Cotswolds, England^ Chateau de Saumur, Saumur, France48300zx^ Chateau de Saumur, Saumur, France