Meer dan 2048 puzzels gelabeled home architecture
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^ Molly Lodge, orig. gatehouse for Weston Park Estate, Compton,24300zx^ Molly Lodge, orig. gatehouse for Weston Park Estate, Compton,Brackish Courtyard Pool300EmbeeBrackish Courtyard PoolZąbkowice Śląskie krzywa wieża POLAND300GochnaZąbkowice Śląskie krzywa wieża POLANDBlue cottage35mika7Blue cottageRydzyna pałac POLAND300GochnaRydzyna pałac POLANDPszczyna zamek POLAND300GochnaPszczyna zamek POLAND^ London townhouses with multiple floors35300zx^ London townhouses with multiple floorsMorawica dwór POLAND300GochnaMorawica dwór POLANDCute cottage36mika7Cute cottageStaniszów pałac POLAND300GochnaStaniszów pałac POLANDKołaczkowo pałac POLAND300GochnaKołaczkowo pałac POLAND^ Fonthill Castle, Doylestown, Pennsylvania24300zx^ Fonthill Castle, Doylestown, Pennsylvaniasomewhere in England12ardenasomewhere in EnglandAt the front door35mika7At the front doorSmall garden35mika7Small gardenSzczecin zamek POLAND300GochnaSzczecin zamek POLANDIn Bamberg, Germany35mika7In Bamberg, Germany^ Fairy Tale Cottage, Carmel-by-the-Sea, California20300zx^ Fairy Tale Cottage, Carmel-by-the-Sea, CaliforniaJagniątków willa Hauptmana POLAND300GochnaJagniątków willa Hauptmana POLANDIn Beuvron-en-Auge, France35mika7In Beuvron-en-Auge, FranceKozy dwór POLAND300GochnaKozy dwór POLAND^ Home, Channel Islands, England24300zx^ Home, Channel Islands, EnglandRoztoka pałac POLAND300GochnaRoztoka pałac POLAND^ Thatched roof home24300zx^ Thatched roof home