1192 puzzle megjelölve home architecture
Tags to specify: +house +color +building +design +colorful +300zx +historic +scene +white +katiekatz

^ Pátio medieval
Rinky Dink Pink
^ Royal Seat Of San Lorenzo De El Escorial, Spain
^ 18th century Poulton House near Marlborough, Wiltshire by Angu
Down the Street
^ Maxstoke Castle
Porch greetings
Welcome 2
Fall Door
Building 8
Fancy Cottage
^ Sissinghurst Castle
^ Castle in the sky
New Roof
Private lane
^ Beach house
^ Hunyad Castle, Romania
^ Well-maintained older home
Dormer Views
Back Beauty
^ Queen Anne house in Fairfield, Iowa
^ 1907 Holleman-Foy home, Aufaula, AL