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colorful shoes15hlinikcolorful shoesHappy Days Whitby, by Kevin Walsh...99715ajan3Happy Days Whitby, by Kevin Walsh...Iwona Lifsches, a pretty place...70715ajan3Iwona Lifsches, a pretty place...The Good Life Kevin Walsh99715ajan3The Good Life Kevin WalshRrr nightingale, wintercompanion summer holidays300Rrr nightingale, wintercompanion summer holidaysA Holiday Scene by Ray Cresswell99715ajan3A Holiday Scene by Ray CresswellColourful Art by Ray Cresswell99715ajan3Colourful Art by Ray CresswellHoliday Hold Ups by Michael Herring...99715ajan3Holiday Hold Ups by Michael Herring...Happy days by Kevin Walsh99715ajan3Happy days by Kevin WalshHolidays, art by Kevin Walsh...99715ajan3Holidays, art by Kevin Walsh...Tafelberg35LetiBravoTafelbergThanksgiving87635LetiBravoThanksgiving876Caravan Holidays by Kevin Walsh ~ POTW80715ajan3Caravan Holidays by Kevin Walsh ~ POTWLove32LetiBravoLoveA lovely way to travel...48715ajan3A lovely way to travel...colorful leaves15hlinikcolorful leavesOcean335LetiBravoOcean3Ocean35LetiBravoOceanMaldives35LetiBravoMaldivesBoating35LetiBravoBoatingStatue-of-liberty35LetiBravoStatue-of-libertyIsland-of-love32LetiBravoIsland-of-loveEASTER FLOWERS36LetiBravoEASTER FLOWERSEASTER BUNNY N CHICK35LetiBravoEASTER BUNNY N CHICK