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^ Paper Christmas Trees25300zx^ Paper Christmas Treesmaster class on decoupage bottles12hlinikmaster class on decoupage bottlesPhoto house6hlinikPhoto houseSharon Ascherl 'Christmas Time on Beemis Street'150rwmainSharon Ascherl 'Christmas Time on Beemis Street'4914635Pododo49146German glass and teddy, by melsofmaui at deviantart300German glass and teddy, by melsofmaui at deviantartFolded Paper Ornaments120AmyJoyFolded Paper OrnamentsAnthony Kleem 'Tannenbaum Carolers'150rwmainAnthony Kleem 'Tannenbaum Carolers'Turkey-istanbul-street john-rizzuto12hlinikTurkey-istanbul-street john-rizzuto3128835Pododo31288buying best gifts6hlinikbuying best giftsPhoto9hlinikPhotoGood choice for a Christmas banquet21hlinikGood choice for a Christmas banquetsmall children and enjoyment of water20hliniksmall children and enjoyment of waterlandscape20hliniklandscapeChristmas-presents6hlinikChristmas-presentsbillow at sunset24hlinikbillow at sunsetWhistle Stop Christmas by Charles Wysocki99BronwynWhistle Stop Christmas by Charles WysockiPhoto12hlinikPhotoDar Es Salaam15hlinikDar Es SalaamArt Poulin 'Christmas Dinner at Grandmas'150rwmainArt Poulin 'Christmas Dinner at Grandmas'Bike-leaning-against-an-old-house-of-clay24hlinikBike-leaning-against-an-old-house-of-clayplane over the sea20hlinikplane over the seagirl with flowers15hlinikgirl with flowers