1690 puzzles tagged history
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The Untouchables
^ Yesteryear wagon prairie
Lovely lodge............x
Lodge House........x
Rockport, Mass Bearskin Neck
Taj Mahal, India
Old Cemetery 1800's Broken Statue Gets New Pedestal
Old Cemetery 1800s Statuary Tree
Castle 42
^ Drottningholm Palace, Stockholm, Sweden
St Petersburg
Rousanou Monastery, Meteora, Greece
^ Medieval Village of Estaing, France
^ Malbork Castle, Poland
Engine 2
Engine 1
Predjana Castle, Slovenia
Rousanou Monastery at Meteora, Greece
Hunyad Castle, Romania
Hohenwerfen Castle, Austria
Forum ruins, Rome
Lindisfarne Castle, Northumberland, England
Alnwick Castle, Northumberland, England
^ Nob Hill, San Francisco, CA