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for mariejeanne Federico Andreotti-An Afternoon Tea90dankenstynefor mariejeanne Federico Andreotti-An Afternoon Teafor mariejeanne Federico Andreotti-A Day's Outing70dankenstynefor mariejeanne Federico Andreotti-A Day's OutingCovered bridge.28jillnjoCovered bridge.for mariejeanne Federico Andreotti-The Great Cat90dankenstynefor mariejeanne Federico Andreotti-The Great Catfor mariejeanne 1856 1938 girardet french99dankenstynefor mariejeanne 1856 1938 girardet frenchfor mariejeanne Jules Girardet - La visite à maman99dankenstynefor mariejeanne Jules Girardet - La visite à maman4.15 You arrive at the Historical Society, a small white buildin35Meeters4.15 You arrive at the Historical Society, a small white buildinRosslyn Chapel, Scotland15RaggetyRosslyn Chapel, ScotlandArchitecture3120nashooArchitecture3Architecture2120nashooArchitecture2Architecture1117nashooArchitecture1St. Augustine Historical Home88tamolaSt. Augustine Historical HomeHistorical Farm Property Markers in Snow99tamolaHistorical Farm Property Markers in SnowSt. Augustine Roses on Home88tamolaSt. Augustine Roses on HomeColonial beauty.36jillnjoColonial beauty.800px-Bodie old car-600x398300Alpacafarmette800px-Bodie old car-600x398Chaco Canyon Pueblo Bonito doorways70swreaderChaco Canyon Pueblo Bonito doorwaysHistorical Merchants' Hall in Freiburg, Germany35mika7Historical Merchants' Hall in Freiburg, GermanyBoston National Historic Park~ Dowdle99BronwynBoston National Historic Park~ DowdleCafé Brasilero280zoe406Café BrasileroCharleston, SC windowboxes.24jillnjoCharleston, SC windowboxes.Prague Astronomical Clock 270marymeowPrague Astronomical Clock 2Oldest clock in Paris (circa 1370)110FranceMarieOldest clock in Paris (circa 1370)Machine Shop60TJourdenMachine Shop