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A walk in the Lights150AmyJoyA walk in the LightsMile 2137 Nahmakanta Lake Freshwater Clams to Eat152AmyJoyMile 2137 Nahmakanta Lake Freshwater Clams to EatMile 2105 White Cap Mountain126AmyJoyMile 2105 White Cap MountainThe Downside of Chairback Mountain20AmyJoyThe Downside of Chairback MountainMile 2084 Assent on Fourth Mountain35AmyJoyMile 2084 Assent on Fourth MountainHorseshoe Canyon Campsite15AmyJoyHorseshoe Canyon CampsiteMile 2043 Moxie Bald91AmyJoyMile 2043 Moxie BaldMile 2038 Moxie Pond120AmyJoyMile 2038 Moxie PondMile 2034 Assent To Pleasant Pond Mountain35AmyJoyMile 2034 Assent To Pleasant Pond MountainMile 2031 Pleasant Pond152AmyJoyMile 2031 Pleasant PondThree Tree Bridge42AmyJoyThree Tree BridgeKennebec Trail35AmyJoyKennebec TrailHeading To Pierce Pond136AmyJoyHeading To Pierce PondMile 2022 Crossing Another Bog80AmyJoyMile 2022 Crossing Another BogWest Carry Pond Waypoint12AmyJoyWest Carry Pond WaypointMile 2008 Pretty Berries60AmyJoyMile 2008 Pretty BerriesCampsite At Little Bigelow16AmyJoyCampsite At Little BigelowMile 1995 Horns Pond Shelter36AmyJoyMile 1995 Horns Pond ShelterMile 1990 Long Awaited Trail Magic88AmyJoyMile 1990 Long Awaited Trail MagicMile 1974 Stealth Camp at Orbeton Stream112AmyJoyMile 1974 Stealth Camp at Orbeton StreamTrail Heading To Redington24AmyJoyTrail Heading To RedingtonPointing The Way Back32AmyJoyPointing The Way BackMile 1965 The Horn on The Edge91AmyJoyMile 1965 The Horn on The EdgeSnowy Owl In The Wild160AmyJoySnowy Owl In The Wild