12 puzzles tagged herding

A collie and his sheep32RobinBA collie and his sheepBeautiful Laika36RobinBBeautiful LaikaCollie herding35RobinBCollie herdingA VILLAGE IN WINTER99TrishaLeeA VILLAGE IN WINTERHerding Corgi48RobinBHerding Corgi^ Sheep Switchback, The Alps, Switzerland40300zx^ Sheep Switchback, The Alps, SwitzerlandDSCN176948tbpartner43DSCN1769Karla and Penny221KitCatKarla and PennyKarla the Cattle Dog221KitCatKarla the Cattle Dog16699166Sleeping on the Job35RobinBSleeping on the JobCornered32RobinBCornered