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elephants12qwertzelephantsRoad Sheep220AmyJoyRoad Sheepelephants and rainbow15qwertzelephants and rainbowDo you mean me?48llgreggDo you mean me?Reindeer and Rainbow in Cairngorms National Park, Scotland70swreaderReindeer and Rainbow in Cairngorms National Park, ScotlandGiraffe herd seeking lunch24llgreggGiraffe herd seeking lunchelephant herd, Amboseli National Park, Kenya15qwertzelephant herd, Amboseli National Park, KenyaGalloping Horses56feralblueGalloping HorsesA Wild Mare and Her Colt60feralblueA Wild Mare and Her ColtMuskox in the Brooks Range. Alaska126TinaH65Muskox in the Brooks Range. AlaskaSheep crossing300Sheep crossingBison grazing along Firehole River117TinaH65Bison grazing along Firehole RiverWrangling96janellecarterWranglingReindeer Stampede220AmyJoyReindeer StampedeArticle-0-1B0D41B400000578-225 964x478276Article-0-1B0D41B400000578-225 964x478Elephants in the Okavango Delta. Botswana130TinaH65Elephants in the Okavango Delta. BotswanaAfrica Tanzania Zebra70AmyJoyAfrica Tanzania ZebraAfrica Tanzania Zebra Herd98AmyJoyAfrica Tanzania Zebra HerdAfrica Tanzania Moving the Cows63AmyJoyAfrica Tanzania Moving the CowsAfrica Tanzania Elephant Family128AmyJoyAfrica Tanzania Elephant FamilyWestern herd crossing300AIpuzzlerWestern herd crossingHerd35nobody0HerdEast African oryx herd. Solio Game Reserve150TinaH65East African oryx herd. Solio Game ReserveSheep amid a king penguin colony in the Falkland Islands180TinaH65Sheep amid a king penguin colony in the Falkland Islands