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Oman landscape88MissarteOman landscapeWahibi Sands54MissarteWahibi SandsOh My It's Hot99Steve360Oh My It's HotBurger for heat wave!36heringBurger for heat wave!Contrails Over Mojave Desert, California144marymeowContrails Over Mojave Desert, CaliforniaFiery and Frozen72marymeowFiery and FrozenPuzzled Man (Blue)12jjj13kWo0l6Puzzled Man (Blue)Bonfire204leggie89BonfireGive Me a Home, Where the...24jeanie45Give Me a Home, Where the...BLUE HERON IN DESERT20zipnonBLUE HERON IN DESERTIt's Sizzling in Baton Rouge49swreaderIt's Sizzling in Baton RougeFruity Ice Cream72sfranguFruity Ice CreamSummer Icecream72sfranguSummer IcecreamWatermelon Delish72sfranguWatermelon DelishSummer Drink72sfranguSummer DrinkForest of Hoodoos in the Chiricahua National Monument , AZ70swreaderForest of Hoodoos in the Chiricahua National Monument , AZFernwärme56stabuewuerzburgFernwärmeSahara Desert45annebaSahara DesertSahara Desert Africa60annebaSahara Desert AfricaSpirits36jeanie45Spiritsworld India holiday on the beach in Goa300cacuworld India holiday on the beach in GoaIn The Heat of the Moment35BoidyIn The Heat of the MomentDoor to Hell Turkmenistan24auntpatty34Door to Hell Turkmenistan#Embers Glow180Kaboomer#Embers Glow