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An American Kestral or Sparrow Hawk more commonly used....36FreddijAn American Kestral or Sparrow Hawk more commonly used....A Red Tailed Hawk in flight looking for prey on the ground....56FreddijA Red Tailed Hawk in flight looking for prey on the ground....Sunset Kitty Hawk54Vivien2012Sunset Kitty HawkLightening strikes Kitty Hawk54Vivien2012Lightening strikes Kitty HawkKitty Hawk sunset54Vivien2012Kitty Hawk sunsetKitty Hawk Fishing Pier Outer Banks54Vivien2012Kitty Hawk Fishing Pier Outer Banks1958 Studebaker Golden Hawk801958 Studebaker Golden HawkBirds - Red-shouldered hawk42Magpie627Birds - Red-shouldered hawkHawk35JeneyeHawkEurasian Sparrowhawk88GoldGalEurasian SparrowhawkHawk eyes35BugsbunnyHawk eyesNorthern Red Tailed Hawk42Vivien2012Northern Red Tailed HawkHawk 148Vivien2012Hawk 1Studebaker Silver Hawk150Studebaker Silver HawkMarchand ambulant40eridaneMarchand ambulant16807011_10208741279306434_1663750025757759977_n30016807011_10208741279306434_1663750025757759977_nHawk in flight80Hawk in flightCOOPERS HAWK photographed by BILL CAMERON108JerriMowry1COOPERS HAWK photographed by BILL CAMERONRED-TAILED HAWK photographed by GENA FLANIGEN110JerriMowry1RED-TAILED HAWK photographed by GENA FLANIGENBanded Fisher35djeanBanded FisherRed Sholder Hawk Palm Coast Florida USA96gamtnwxRed Sholder Hawk Palm Coast Florida USABlack'N'White Hawk Eagle.(spizaetos melanoleucus)....54FreddijBlack'N'White Hawk Eagle.(spizaetos melanoleucus)....Agent by bibOun48BugsbunnyAgent by bibOunCoopers hawk Oct 29.16204eiguocCoopers hawk Oct 29.16