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Perfect Peaceful Moment~ Sloane 883x66399BronwynPerfect Peaceful Moment~ Sloane 883x663Hilltop Harvest~ John Sloane II99BronwynHilltop Harvest~ John Sloane IIvegetables150mamashavegetablescabbage150mamashacabbageGathering Apples~88BronwynGathering Apples~20170808_101620120myminnie20170808_101620Late Summer~88BronwynLate Summer~Harvest in Progress Outside Levin54AmyJoyHarvest in Progress Outside LevinSweet Scarecrow~ JohnSloane99BronwynSweet Scarecrow~ JohnSloaneHarvesting Apples~ John Sloane99BronwynHarvesting Apples~ John SloaneFinishing Touches~ MarkKeathley 399BronwynFinishing Touches~ MarkKeathley 3^ Late Summer ~ Maureen Newman24300zx^ Late Summer ~ Maureen Newman^ Flower harvest8300zx^ Flower harvestWheatfield in Wakefield Yorkshire117maxonWheatfield in Wakefield YorkshireEspigueiros (Corn Stores) Lindoso, Portugal48MorvorenEspigueiros (Corn Stores) Lindoso, PortugalCountry Garden~ KeithStapleton99BronwynCountry Garden~ KeithStapletonBringing in the hay, Zalan, Transylvania20puzzlesr4funBringing in the hay, Zalan, TransylvaniaFrederick Arthur Bridgman - The Seaweed Gatherers 191296MorvorenFrederick Arthur Bridgman - The Seaweed Gatherers 1912Watermelon Patch~ MarkKeathley99BronwynWatermelon Patch~ MarkKeathleyJane Wooster Scott-Vibrant Vistas (2)180dankenstyneJane Wooster Scott-Vibrant Vistas (2)Farmer's Market~ Christine Carey99BronwynFarmer's Market~ Christine Carey^ Luis Alvarado naive art24300zx^ Luis Alvarado naive art04670micaelis046^ Waterlily, Vietnam, by helios141220300zx^ Waterlily, Vietnam, by helios1412