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City Hall, Durban99EcclesiastesCity Hall, DurbanPat Neff Hall30TigerjagPat Neff HallReykjavik, Harpà, Iceland35catlocReykjavik, Harpà, Iceland15622168_10154966242813013_6493139883930626306_n8015622168_10154966242813013_6493139883930626306_nBest 70a382936bd260ebe570 Prudential Center88Best 70a382936bd260ebe570 Prudential CenterYork, Town Hall, 1911, WA96puzlartYork, Town Hall, 1911, WAGrasse, Mairie221catlocGrasse, Mairieหอประวัติ12หอประวัติCity Hall Subway Station60Jeanette67City Hall Subway StationFeather Market Hall, Port Elizabeth96EcclesiastesFeather Market Hall, Port Elizabeth690a1d2496e9ecce3f3a149bc357e97a300Clairelke690a1d2496e9ecce3f3a149bc357e97aFréjus, La cathédrale et la mairie60catlocFréjus, La cathédrale et la mairieMarket Hall in Bydgoszcz, Poland36mika7Market Hall in Bydgoszcz, PolandRock and Roll HOF Janis JopinV260annabelle333Rock and Roll HOF Janis JopinVRock and Roll HOF Cleveland Ohio260annabelle333Rock and Roll HOF Cleveland OhioItsukushima Shinto Shrine, Entry Hall300scafleetItsukushima Shinto Shrine, Entry HallHall of Prayer for Good Harvests, Beijing98LouiseMHall of Prayer for Good Harvests, BeijingLa Haye, Mairie, NL60catlocLa Haye, Mairie, NLKoaala230Koaala2EM Pensylvania trip city hall150monfilleEM Pensylvania trip city hallHall of Justice96TJourdenHall of JusticeEntry, Miguel House108VermeerEntry, Miguel HouseTown Hall, Rethymnon300jincreteTown Hall, RethymnonArne jacobsen, aarhus town hall 1937-1942140nicegirlArne jacobsen, aarhus town hall 1937-1942