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Tenerife Concert Hall, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain70shaperTenerife Concert Hall, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain016108016Hall of the Two Sisters, Alhambra, Spain70shaperHall of the Two Sisters, Alhambra, SpainHall of Mirrors,Versailles, France70shaperHall of Mirrors,Versailles, FranceQueens Great Hall36wrenkinsQueens Great HallThe music hall's iconic roof108JeanneMThe music hall's iconic roof#'Five Minutes Peace' by Tracy Hall300Kaboomer#'Five Minutes Peace' by Tracy Hall#'Knit and Natter' by Tracy Hall48Kaboomer#'Knit and Natter' by Tracy Hall#'Nostalgic Village Shop' by Tracy Hall6Kaboomer#'Nostalgic Village Shop' by Tracy HallHamburg,  Elbphilharmonie, opening 2017220catlocHamburg, Elbphilharmonie, opening 2017Hamburg, Elbphilharmonie,  Germany96catlocHamburg, Elbphilharmonie, GermanyElbphilharmonie, Oliver Heissner60catlocElbphilharmonie, Oliver HeissnerHamburg, Elbphilharmonie,  Germany32catlocHamburg, Elbphilharmonie, GermanyMontmartre Moulin Rouge221scafleetMontmartre Moulin RougeChris Hill Belfast City Hall in the snow35wrenkinsChris Hill Belfast City Hall in the snowThe Gathering~ dave-barnhouse HD wp 1920x108098BronwynThe Gathering~ dave-barnhouse HD wp 1920x1080Álmodozós36szaboicaÁlmodozósBig Red Balls28TigerjagBig Red BallsNantes City Hall108JeanneMNantes City HallBiltmore entry hall Christmas POTW54Vivien2012Biltmore entry hall Christmas POTWTown Hall in Weymouth, MA35mika7Town Hall in Weymouth, MAFrench Opulence77Brock115French OpulenceGalerie des glaces, Chateau Versailles96Brock115Galerie des glaces, Chateau VersaillesNemo à Brest, Bretagne209catlocNemo à Brest, Bretagne