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Shibden Hall, W.Yorkshire England88JeanneMShibden Hall, W.Yorkshire EnglandMurcia City24PabloVidal1Murcia CityAstley Hall (Stourport-on-Severn)98JeanneMAstley Hall (Stourport-on-Severn)Golden Hall City Hall Stockholm Sweden60Vivien2012Golden Hall City Hall Stockholm SwedenWalkway at Swathmore90AmyJoyWalkway at SwathmoreElgin Marbles photo by Theron CC012FadeElgin Marbles photo by Theron CC0Glamis great hall96LauraKatieGlamis great hallMoonrise over city hall asheville nc54Vivien2012Moonrise over city hall asheville ncHall of empires300ShePieHall of empiresMontréal 33150StudlyMontréal 33Historical Merchants' Hall in Freiburg, Germany35mika7Historical Merchants' Hall in Freiburg, GermanyJames Hall Museum of Transport, Johannesburg99EcclesiastesJames Hall Museum of Transport, JohannesburgHanover New city hall60eridaneHanover New city hallTown Hall in Manchester35mika7Town Hall in ManchesterHenri Martin, oeuvre au Capitole de Toulouse72puzlartHenri Martin, oeuvre au Capitole de ToulouseCity Hall, Durban99EcclesiastesCity Hall, DurbanPat Neff Hall30TigerjagPat Neff HallReykjavik, Harpà, Iceland35catlocReykjavik, Harpà, Iceland15622168_10154966242813013_6493139883930626306_n8015622168_10154966242813013_6493139883930626306_nBest 70a382936bd260ebe570 Prudential Center88Best 70a382936bd260ebe570 Prudential CenterYork, Town Hall, 1911, WA96puzlartYork, Town Hall, 1911, WAGrasse, Mairie221catlocGrasse, Mairieหอประวัติ12หอประวัติCity Hall Subway Station60Jeanette67City Hall Subway Station