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Coast guard130epasatiemposCoast guardQueen's Guard300EmbeeQueen's GuardNormal TLG S1 E23 0018200ziomekPLNormal TLG S1 E23 0018Court of the Fountain150EldamarCourt of the FountainStanding guard54Vivien2012Standing guardGuardtower260MissMoodyGuardtowerChanging of the Guard300KaboomerChanging of the GuardNo Closer!25TigerjagNo Closer!Mother and babies - Meerkats25smjmMother and babies - MeerkatsAirbus CN235 Transport US Coast Guard48RamblingalAirbus CN235 Transport US Coast GuardGophers15ardenaGophersIMG_20150615_13060148IMG_20150615_130601Normal TLG S1 E20 0162200ziomekPLNormal TLG S1 E20 0162Royal Guard35mika7Royal GuardFrench Republican Guards160pleimionFrench Republican GuardsPls-024198Pls-024U.S. Coast Guard70carol2015U.S. Coast GuardNormal TLG S1 E18 0542200ziomekPLNormal TLG S1 E18 0542Normal TLG S1 E18 0503200ziomekPLNormal TLG S1 E18 0503Normal TLG S1 E18 0392200ziomekPLNormal TLG S1 E18 0392Normal TLG S1 E18 0290200ziomekPLNormal TLG S1 E18 0290Snowy Trees, Irving Texas28TigerjagSnowy Trees, Irving TexasA Guard at the Citadel,Halifax N.S....50FreddijA Guard at the Citadel,Halifax N.S....Heaven's Gate - beach on Cape Cod70swreaderHeaven's Gate - beach on Cape Cod