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Male Goldfinch in front of Purple Irises15saturnslipperMale Goldfinch in front of Purple IrisesAmerican Goldfinch in Field of Flowers24saturnslipperAmerican Goldfinch in Field of FlowersBeautiful European Goldfinch Fledgling35saturnslipperBeautiful European Goldfinch FledglingChardonneret élégant35heringChardonneret élégantGoldfinch289GoldfinchGoldfinch20BittypuzzleGoldfinchWeirs, Persis Clayton Cat Lounging on the Bird Feeder110docrabbitsWeirs, Persis Clayton Cat Lounging on the Bird FeederGoldfinch120jayniebbGoldfinchGoldfinch On Gloriosa Daisy16ladymonardaGoldfinch On Gloriosa DaisyGoldfinch6ladymonardaGoldfinchGoldfinch70AmyJoyGoldfinchgoldfinch70goldfinchGoldfinch perched on Broom Corn96ldeichmillGoldfinch perched on Broom CornBrown, Elizabeth Cats in the Birdbath80docrabbitsBrown, Elizabeth Cats in the BirdbathGoldfinch feeding chicks90BookieMDGoldfinch feeding chicks^ Val Goldfinch ~ Afternoon Tea35300zx^ Val Goldfinch ~ Afternoon Tea^ Val Goldfinch ~ Family24300zx^ Val Goldfinch ~ Familygoldfinch72deegeffgoldfinchgoldfinch70deegeffgoldfinchColorful summer meadow with goldfinch60leoleobobeoColorful summer meadow with goldfinch^ Baking Day ~ Val Goldfinch15300zx^ Baking Day ~ Val GoldfinchGoldfinch & Echinacea36WyoAZgalGoldfinch & EchinaceaGoldfinch on purple coneflower110docrabbitsGoldfinch on purple coneflowerAmerican Goldfinch35Cookie303American Goldfinch